Steve Brogan’s Live Upward Celebration Show DVD


Steve’s Upward Show DVD

Steve’s Upward Celebration Show DVD is an actual “live” Upward Celebration for an Upward Basketball League. The dvd is about 45 minutes long and includes Steve’s infamous talking Duck routine; Eddie, an Upward Player and a Coach who unsuspectedly becomes a “Human Puppet”. The dvd is filled with lots of family friendly, clean comedy with a Gospel presentation at the end.  It is suitable for all ages and any audience.



Steve Brogan’s Live Church Show DVD

Live Church Show DVD

Live Church Show DVD


Steve’s church show dvd is a taped live, after dinner, banquet show.  It is about 45 minutes in length and includes characters such as a Grouchy Deacon, an Old Lady Spinster looking for a date, a Redneck Church Member, a “Human Puppet” and more. It is a family friendly, clean comedy show and great for any audience.




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