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“Steve’s show is filled with hilarious comedy

but brings the audience to a point of decision”!

If you are looking for a program that is unique, hilarious and entertains the players, leaders and parents, you need look no further. Steve’s 5 star Upward reviews will give you the confidence that he is one of the “top” Upward recommended speakers in the nation.  His show containsUpward Photo super funny characters such as a Tie Wearing Duck, with the job of introducing Steve. He never remembers what he is supposed to say when introducing Steve and tries to be a ventriloquist as well. Next a talking Upward Basketball, complete with basketball shorts and Chuck Taylor’s, interrupts because he’s sad the season is over. When he and Steve discuss his options of a part-time job, the laughter begins as he tries to nudge his way into Steve’s show. Then Steve’s Upward player friend, Eddie appears next and begins to point out people in the audience he knows, or thinks he knows. The conversation pulls some coaches in attendance into the show which brings about hilarious streams of laughter and ends up with a coach on stage with Steve for a finale that will never be forgotten.  All this occurs while not losing focus of the evening, that of bringing people to a point of decision that will change their lives. Steve is a master ventriloquist and comedian who has not lost his first love, that of sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  Thousands of children, teenagers and adults have chosen to make a life changing decision in their lives after hearing Steve’s simple message of the Gospel.

Steve & Duck Tape Steve has been featured numerous times at Upward trainings across the United States and continues to travel the country as one of the “top” recommended speakers for Sports Award Celebrations.  He has also been featured in many Upward training videos and presentations. Steve’s passion for Upward goes beyond a job, it’s his ministry. He is professional, polished and his passion shows from the time you first meet him.



5 starSome of Steve’s 5 Star Reviews:

“Best Award’s Night presentation we have ever had”!

“The comedy was HILARIOUS, yet Steve did not let it overshadow the presentation of the Gospel”!  Great job!

“Steve was easy to work with, professional, approachable and showed a genuine love for people.”

“Top quality Upward speaker!”

“Six weeks after our Upward Celebration, parents, children and our leadership is still talking about Steve’s Upward Celebration performance…   ‘COACH JOHN’!!!”

“He kept us laughing the entire time!”

“Steve is a fantastic ventriloquist and comedian, but his real gift is his simple presentation of the Gospel!”

“I knew we had the right guy when the kids and parents were laughing so hard they were crying!”

“We have been doing Upward for 8 years and Steve is by far the “BEST” speaker we have ever had!”

“His show was a work of art, the laughter was contagious for children and adults!”

“Steve is an amazing talent. His ability to switch back and forth between voices and characters makes it so hard to believe that he is doing all the talking. His Gospel message was very clear and relative to his audience. The kids and adults were glued to him the entire time!”

“Our staff meeting the day after our Upward Celebration with filled with laughter from us quoting things in Steve’s show. Yet afterwards, we were amazed how many people made decisions that night.”

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